A black University of Ottawa student faced discrimination because of his race, according to a damning internal investigation that has just been released.   

Jamal Boyce was handcuffed and arrested by a university security officer after performing a skateboard trick on campus, in June of 2019.

At the time he didn’t have a wallet or identification with him.

Boyce posted the exchange on Twitter and many suggested he was the victim of racism.

After letting them know that i didn't have my wallet on me and trying to walk away they followed me, hit my phone to the ground as i tried to record, grabbed me and put me in handcuffs #blackoncampus @ctvottawa @uottawa pic.twitter.com/yQ7C7W2A1G

— Jamal (@Jamal_KB) June 13, 2019

‘Having considered all the evidence the Investigator finds that the Student was subject to discriminationbecause of his race on June 12, 2019 on the University campus. He was subject to discrimination under the Code both as an employee and student of the University’, wrote investigator Esi Codjoe. ‘Their choice to follow, continue to engage, then arrest the Student was also an unreasonable and disproportionate response to the situation. The Student performed a skateboarding trick; he did not engage in any violent acts’.

The investigator found that race was a factor in the controversy, but it was not the only factor.

UOttawa President Jacques Fremont is responding to the controversy this afternoon.

BREAKING: @uOttawa president Jacques Fremont offers public apology to student “I’m deeply sorry for the way you were treated and the humiliation you experienced” @ctvottawa #ottnews pic.twitter.com/0U7nT8XGA0

— Catherine Lathem (@CatherineCTV) October 1, 2019

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