Update your waterfront parking pass with the City of Barrie

The future of waterfront parking is here and it's free.

Barrie residents can now apply for a free digital waterfront parking permit through the HotSpot app and website.

"Residents will enjoy the many benefits of a digital permit, like never having to worry about forgetting a hangtag pass again, or the ability to register all of their vehicles as there is no longer a limit to the number of permits per address," says Brent Forsyth, Barrie's director of transit and parking.

The permit program will replace the hangtag waterfront parking pass system by making the pass available as a digital permit through the HotSpot provider.

"Each digital waterfront parking permit will be tied to a specific licence plate, so the city can verify if the vehicle has a permit through the plate number, eliminating the need for a physical hangtag on the vehicle," Forsyth said, adding once a permit has been activated, residents can freely enjoy parking at all applicable waterfront parks.

Residents have almost two years to transition to the digital permit, with hangtag passes expiring Dec. 31, 2023.

For those unable to use HotSpot or prefer to apply in person, they can bring their documentation to Service Barrie at City Hall, where staff will validate and set them up in HotSpot.

To apply for the digital permit, residents will need their vehicle ownership information and proof of residency documentation such as a driver's licence, utility bill, cell phone bill or lease agreement.

Residents and non-residents can follow the detailed instructions available to apply for their digital permits through the HotSpot app or website.

Details on the waterfront parking program are available on the city's website, and a list of the locations where the waterfront parking permit is valid is available online.