Urgent request for support to help vulnerable people in Sudbury

The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth, known as SACY, is a charitable organization is operating a cooling centre at 199 Larch St. for vulnerable people.

The need for snacks and other essential items is far beyond what was expected and centre is reaching out for donations to try and bridge the gap.

"There's also needs that we really didn't expect to have to fulfill," said Julie Gorman, SACY executive director. "So things like basic first aid and wound care are something that are taking up that funding that would have normally just gone directly to food."

More than 140 people use the centre daily.

"There have been also a lot of people from other cities coming to Sudbury recently, so we have been seeing a lot of new faces here every day it seems," said Sydney Langley, SACY's program coordinator of harm reduction.

Items in need include bottled water, first aid supplies, personal hygiene items, prepackaged snacks, camping supplies, coffee and disposable cups, along with clothing.

"The clean, fresh, brand new underwear is something that is absolutely necessary if someone cannot wash," said Gorman. "To at least be able to change into some new clothing does help them both health-wise and self-esteem."

SACY said many clients are feeling desperate right now.

"Especially with clients being constantly moved around and there being no actual sanctioned area for them, it seems that a lot of people are losing their own personal items," said Langley. "There have been a lot of stolen items, so people are in desperate right now for things."

Donations can be dropped off at SACY, located at 95 Pine St., from Monday to Friday.

People are asked to call ahead to make arrangements for drop-off.