Vaccine backlog causes frustration

Dennis Ditty has his second shot scheduled for July but is part of the 80-plus group eligible to book earlier as of Monday.

“We’re gonna book,” said Ditty.

But he will be put on a waiting list which is becoming an alarming trend at some local pharmacies.

Pharmacist Rob Modestino, owner of Rob’s Whole Health in LaSalle, has a couple of waiting lists on the go. The first one is for those waiting for their second dose of Pfizer.

“So those 80 people will get taken care of with this week’s shipment assuming we get the same 120 we got last week,” said Modestino as the phone interrupts the interview — another resident looking to book.  

Modestino has another list with 830 people waiting for their second dose of Astrazeneca. He says there are another 700 on this list who got their first dose with him.

“Some pharmacies chose to opt out. That really puts a strain on the ones that are still doing it,” he said.

Jit Patel says he’s receiving about 200 phone calls a day at Pharmasave Westside Pharmacy on Huron Church Road.

“We are kind of overwhelmed” said Patel who doesn’t have a waiting list after getting burned a first time earlier during the rollout.

“It’s hard to say when I get shipment or how many doses I will receive so that’s why I only start the waiting list once I get the shipment,” he said.

The City of Windsor is continuing its attempt to ease the anxiety of residents but working on a way to bring vaccines from Detroit and surrounding areas to Windsor-Essex.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says a waiting list is growing.

“In the first 24 hours we had two thousand people sign up to be considered for a dose, the second dose of Pfizer from Michigan,” said Dilkens.

With Canadians set to cross the border to Montana later this week to get vaccinated, Dilkens knows there’s a pathway and vows to keep fighting for a resolution here.

“I wanna help get over this hump sooner rather than later so we all can get back together, enjoy our summer,” he said. “Get the businesses back open and reunite with families on both sides of the border.”