Vancouver-based mental health platform looking to help people through the pandemic and beyond

The team behind a Vancouver-based mental health platform have made it their mission to help people get through the COVID-19 pandemic – and beyond – using simple methods.

“Checkingin” is a complete mental health platform designed to help people build a self-awareness practice.

“Once people can understand how they’re feeling, it provides different tools and resources to support them,” said founder and CEO Sean Burke.

Burke and his team started three years ago, launching the app directly to consumers, but when the pandemic began, they shifted their approach.

“We had companies reaching out, saying, ‘How can we support our employees?’” Burke said.

“That was the lightbulb moment for us, saying, ‘Hey, we can actually reach a greater number of people and support their mental health if we go through organizations.’”

The app, which offers meditations, breath work, yoga practices and other tools to help people practice their emotions, is given to employees of participating companies and organizations.

“It provides a place and a tool where people can feel like it’s a safe place to go and put their feelings.”

Burke says it’s meant to be a proactive, daily approach to improving mental health.

“It helps you stay in touch,” he said. “How am I feeling today? What’s my energy level? And then from there it helps you try to take certain actions before it manifests into something that you need to speak to a therapist about.”

The app is still available to individual people as well.

Those interested can get started here