Vancouver restaurants hiring security guards to check vaccine passports

It will cost him $30,000 a month. But the owner of Glowbal Restaurant Group is planning to hire outside security guards to check patrons’ vaccine passports at his downtown eateries when the program launches on Monday.

“Because the last thing I want is my young hostesses at the door being berated by someone because they don’t believe in the politics or the policies of the government. We are not going to tolerate that,” said Glowbal president Emad Yacoub.

Of his front door restaurant staff, Yacoub said “Normally it’s their first entry job so they’re young, they’re 19, 20 year olds. They’re not made to be able to handle this. We don’t want them to handle this.”

Glowbal isn’t the only restaurant looking into hiring outside security to handle proof of vaccination at the door.

“We have been taking a lot of calls around uncertainty, what should they do, what can they do, what options are available. Because business owners want to look after their staff, and they want to stay open,” said Michael Jagger, the owner of Provident Security.

Provident offers its downtown clients a five minute response guarantee if they call about an unruly customer who won’t leave.

“Kind of in between a front line employee having to deal with it themselves, and something escalating to the point where police are required,” said Jagger.

The vice president of Paladin security Mark Forward understands why some businesses want to outsource the vaccine passport checks.

“That’s perfectly fair to try to look for an alternative to manage that message. I think the challenge is whomever that person or whichever company that is, it’s the same challenge to deliver a message that maybe the other party doesnt want to hear,” said Forward, adding “Unfortunately that type of person is going to conduct themselves however they want to conduct themselves.”

Jagger hopes if an anti-vaxxer begins making a scene at a restaurant, other patrons come to the defence of staff and security.

“This isn’t a problem that’s going to be addressed by just having security guards posted at every door. Ultimately, this will get solved by a community response. Everybody else is going to have to not tolerate somebody abusing a front line employee,” said Jagger.

Yacoub also hopes vaccinated British Columbians take a stand and the extra security he plans to hire won’t be needed, adding “The majority is going to win at the end of the day.”