Vandals targeting ice huts in the Innisfil area have spurred social media anger among local anglers.

"One guy had his door ripped off," says Jeremy Harnum. "Took the door completely off."

Harnum says his own hut was trashed on Tuesday night near Belle Ewart. "It's pretty sad," he adds.

The intrusion has left hut owners feeling disrespected and frustrated.

"I'm very disappointed," bait shop owner Jong Ko says. "I like to ice fish, now I'm concerned." Ko was hit this week as well and says he lost about $1,000 in damages and stolen items.

Many took to social media to report the incidents, saying they happened in Belle Ewart near the 5th Line, Lefroy by Line 7 and on the other side of the lake by Georgina.

While the ice fishing community grows more unsettled by the day, police say they haven't received any formal complaints. They urge anyone who has had their hut damaged to come forward.