Vehicle slams into stopped dump truck in closed construction zone on Hwy. 401

A vehicle that slammed into a stopped dump truck in a construction zone on Hwy. 401 is shown. (Ontario Provincial Police)

A 32-year-old man is in critical condition after slamming his vehicle into a parked dump truck in a construction zone on Highway 401 and police say alcohol may have been a factor.

It happened in the westbound collector lanes of the highway near Dufferin Street at around 12:45 a.m.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says that two of the lanes were closed when the vehicle drove over some pylons and entered the construction zone.

Schmidt says that workers in the area observed the vehicle enter the construction zone and tried to “flag down the driver” to no avail.

He said that the driver then collided with a parked pickup truck, at which point one of the workers caught up with his vehicle.

“The construction worker spoke to the driver and was under the impression that the driver may have been impaired by alcohol and began to call 911. The driver then continued through the construction zone striking that pickup truck a second time and then continuing down range,” Schmidt said. “A very short time later the vehicle struck a parked dump truck stopped in the left shoulder in that construction zone.”

Schmidt said that none of the construction workers were injured as a result of the collision.

The highway was closed for several hours overnight as police conducted a full investigation but has since reopened.

“It is just a reminder that any time you see construction zones pay very close attention if there is lane closures or lane restrictions and if anybody sees what they believe is a dangerous or possibly impaired driver please call 911 immediately,” Schmidt said.