Vehicles line up at Nova Scotia's border as province opens up to all of Canada

A steady stream of traffic is moving into Nova Scotia at the province’s border with New Brunswick.

A long line of vehicles formed around 7:30 Wednesday morning as the province opens up to all of Canada, no longer requiring people to self-isolate if they have received two doses of vaccine.

Visitors from outside the Atlantic region are being required to complete a safe check-in form and provide proof of vaccine.

A provincial spokesperson said Nova Scotia brought in double the staff at the border Wednesday.

Staff could be seen asking drivers for I.D. or other travel documents, such as proof of completing the safe check-in form, which requires travellers to prove their immunization status.

Public Health has also indicated some travellers may be asked to prove how many vaccines they’ve received at the border.

There were a lot of smiles along the TransCanada leading into Nova Scotia.

“I’m going to Halifax to see my granddaughter who I have not seen since November. She’s two," says driver Carol Henderson.

"She woke up this morning and said 'is Nanna here yet'?"

Though excited, Henderson added that waiting in the long has been frustrating.

“I was ready to go in April and then it got cancelled," she said.

it's also a special day for Kevin Ouellette, a traveller from Fredericton.

"We’re going to visit her parents for the first time since October so it’s a good moment," he said.