Victim asks former custodian convicted in London, Ont. kidnapping 'Why?'

Sentencing for Lawrence Thompson, 68, who was found guilty of kidnapping and sexual assault in connection with a four-year-old girl began Wednesday morning with victim impact statements.

Thompson was found guilty on four counts after the girl was grabbed from a north London intersection and touched inappropriately in May of 2018.

Thompson, a retired school custodian, was also convicted of abduction and touching for a sexual purpose.

Multiple members of the victim's family spoke at the sentencing hearing, describing the aftermath of what happened and addressing Thompson directly.

The child’s grandfather told the court Wednesday, “I’ll try not to get too emotional or angry." He said since the incident he has uncertainty surrounding the girl’s safety.

The child’s grandmother said, after this incident, “I have many sleepless nights.” She added, “If she’s out of my sight, I panic...public situations are stressful.”

The family has moved out of town since this incident, “due to safety issues and bad memories.”

The victim's older sister addressed Thompson saying, ”You should be in jail for a million years, you are so, so, so, so bad.” She went on, 'I have trouble sleeping because I am afraid you will come back to steal (her).”

The young victim also spoke, asking Thompson, ”I just want to know why you made the choice that you did?”

The victim's father said, ”I saw a change in my girls for the worse...they will never be the same.” He added, "It has ruined two young girls' innocence...I will never get back what I have lost.”

The victim’s mother told the court, “I have soothed and calmed my girls after numerous nightmares.”

When it comes to the victim, who was four at the time of the incident and is now seven, her mother said she is very careful about her clothes and what she wears.

“She fears that someone will see her body and do quote, ‘What the bad man did.”’

In closing her mother said, “I know my girls are strong...but in some way I know the events of that day will be with us forever.”

Toward the end of the proceedings, Thompson spoke up and told the court he wanted to say a few words, but Justice Alissa Mitchell said she would give him that opportunity when the sentencing hearing resumes on July 19.