Want a free haircut this weekend? If your outdoor wardrobe needs a trim, then comb through your closet for a coat you no longer wear and exchange it for a free haircut at a Victoria barbershop.

Victory Barber & Brand in downtown Victoria is launching a ‘Cuts for Coats’ fundraising campaign, with the goal of collecting gently-used jackets for those in need.

You can get a free haircut this Sunday, Feb. 7, between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. if you bring in a gently-used coat for the cause.

“Our team is very generously donating their time. They are coming in and doing cuts, no money is changing hands, just cuts for coats,” said Joshua Van Leeuwen, owner of Victory Barber & Brand.

“Then those coats we’re taking to the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and they will see that they go where needed – to families, to individuals in need, to the unhoused,” he said.

They are looking to collect men’s, women’s and children’s coats, as well as Toques, mittens, gloves and new socks.

Inspired by the support the barbershop has received from their customers during the pandemic, Victory wanted to give back to the community in some way and saw there was a need for warm clothing.

“We are doing our best to take care of our city and those who need a little extra support in the cold months,” said Van Leeuwen.

A father and son that have booked two appointments for this Sunday are bringing in 15 coats, according to Victory’s owner.

The shop has already collected about 20 items from people who heard about the Cuts for Coats initiative, but aren’t coming in for haircuts and just wanted to donate to the cause. They hope to collect between 50 and 100 coats altogether.

Van Leeuwen says this is the first time in more than a decade that they have done something like this, but hope to do more in the future.

Victory Barber & Brand says staff have room for 55 appointments during the Cuts for Coats campaign. Half of those appointments are already filled.

To book one of the remaining appointments with any of the seven volunteer barbers, check in online or visit Victory's Instagram page here.