Victoria pooch among oldest French bulldogs in the world

A long-time barbershop employee in Victoria is among the oldest French bulldogs in the world.

The 13-year-old dog, Pierre, spends much of his time at the Victory Barber and Brand in downtown Victoria.

His owners, who also own the shop, bring him in every day.

"He's a full-time shop dog, hangs out 9 to 6," said Josh Van Leewuen, owner of Victory Barber and Brand.

Van Leewuen and his partner Crystal Currie and have brought Pierre into the shop every day since the place opened.

"Yesterday was our 10-year anniversary," said Van Leewuen on Wednesday. "When we started, he was the size of a potato."

Now, Pierre is more of a large rump roast. Typically, the heaviest male Frenchies top out around 28 pounds. Pierre is a bit heftier.

"He's 40 pounds," said Van Leewuen.

The heavyweight pup is also in the running for oldest French bulldog in the world.

According to the American Kennel Club, the oldest French bulldog on record is 14-and-a-half years old.

At 13, Pierre could top the record, says Currie.

"We just want to know if Pierre is the oldest Frenchie across Canada," she said.

"We're going for the world record," she added.

While Pierre might not know how to work the business end of some clippers, he has an important role at the barbershop: to give love.

Even though Frenchies aren't a working breed, Pierre has no plans to retire from this Victoria shop any time soon.