Video of apparent animal abuse filmed in northwest Calgary

Video posted to social media Tuesday afternoon appears to show a dog being abused in a northwest Calgary neighbourhood.

  • Warning: Details in this story may be upsetting to some readers.

The video appears to show a woman on a sidewalk repeatedly hit a medium-sized, light-coloured dog with a leash. She then appears to pull on the leash and repeatedly kick the dog in its head and neck area.

Madison Clavel took the video and said the woman appeared to be trying to get something out of the dog's mouth.

"She was kicking it in the face and trying to get the dog to drop it," Clavel said

The incident happened near 24th Street and Sumac Road N.W.

Clavel and roomate Clea Young were shocked at what they saw.

"We were in total disbelief because it was going on for a few minutes. I couldn't believe it was going on," Clavel said.

Clavel said the woman walked away after they asked if she was OK.

"She looked up and looked very shocked that she was being watched," she said.

Young estimated the incident lasted around three minutes.

The video was posted to a West Hillhurst community Facebook page.

The pair said they reported the apparent abuse to the Calgary Humane Society online.

Brad Nichols, the Calgary Humane Society's Senior Manager of Cruelty Investigations learned of the incident through media reports. In an email to CTV Calgary, he said, "The content of the video would not be appropriate at face value, but investigation would be required to assess the criminality of the act."