It's now been a week since a New Westminster mother mysteriously vanished.

Nirla Sharma was last seen at her Queensborough home on Feb. 23.

CTV News Vancouver has now obtained exclusive surveillance footage time-stamped from the day of her disappearance.

Sharma’s family says they last saw her at their home, near Lawrence Street and Ewen Avenue, when she was going to bed.

Her daughter says she heard their front door open around four the next morning and thought her mom was taking their dog for a walk.

The video CTV News obtained was recorded at around 3:45 that morning. It shows a person dressed in a dark coat walking a dog.

The footage was taken a few doors down from Sharma’s home.

The person in the video appears to stop across the street from the Queensborough Off-Leash Dog Area. About a minute later, they turn around and walk back in the direction they came from, toward Sharma’s home.

Two minutes later, another person can be seen walking up the street in the opposite direction.

Sharma’s daughter Vanessa says the family discovered something was wrong a few hours after that video was taken.

"Dad woke me up at seven and said, 'Mom's not home, where is she?' and I was like, 'I don't know,'” the 20-year-old told CTV News on Wednesday.

Her mother hasn’t been seen or heard from since. The dog, however, is safe at home, according to the New Westminster Police Department.

Sharma’s mysterious disappearance has left the entire neighbourhood on edge.

Those who live nearby say the family kept to themselves, but was always friendly when out walking their dog.

"We're worried too, but I really don't know anything,” said Bashi Hundal, who lives down the street from the Sharma family.

Hundal says her family has been watching media coverage of the missing person case closely.

"It's very disturbing. It's not a nice feeling for me and my family here,” said Hazin Azawi, another neighbour.

He says the street is typically very quiet and was shocked to hear the news.

According to court documents, Sharma’s husband, Rishi, was charged in January with “uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.”

He was released on bail with conditions including a curfew and a ban on weapons and alcohol.

Sharma’s husband was also ordered to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, have no contact – directly or indirectly - with his wife, and not to be found within a two-block radius of her residence, place of employment, school or place of worship.

He was accused of breaking those three conditions last week. The charges were laid shortly after Nirla vanished. None of the allegations against him have been proven in court.

The couple’s daughter says her dad has nothing to do with the disappearance and that her parents love each other.

The family declined to comment further on Sunday.

"At this point, I am not able to speak about any other sort of investigations that may be against anybody because this isn't a criminal investigation. This is a missing person's investigation,” said New Westminster Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Jeff Scott on Friday.

CTV News has handed over the surveillance video to investigators who will substantiate it.

Sharma was wearing pink pyjamas when she went to bed on Sunday night. It's believed she was wearing a black jacket with a hood and a pair of orange Nike runners when she left the house Monday morning.

The long-time New Westminster resident has several tattoos, including an "ohm" symbol on her left arm and a crown on her right wrist.

Anyone with information or dash cam footage of the area is asked to call 9-1-1.

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Maria Weisgarber, Sheila Scott & Emad Agahi