'Vote For Bentley': Pet candidate campaign sign pops up in Waterloo

According to one campaign sign in Waterloo, there’s another, furrier candidate in consideration for this year’s election.

Al Maki spotted a “Vote For Bentley” sign on Ira Needles Boulevard near the Boardwalk that features a dog dressed in formal wear.

The three key platform planks of “more parks, lower vet bills, and less stress” are also featured on the sign.

“Well I thought it was an interesting new candidate and I wanted to see,” said Maki. “He had some pretty good points on the sign there, so I just thought I’d pull over and see if I could get some contact information for him.”

With polls opening Monday morning at 9:30 a.m., voters will not be able to pencil in Bentley, as the deadline to get on the ballot has long passed.