Warm start to November, but colder by week's end: Edmonton forecast


We'll be close to a record in Edmonton today with a high near 20 degrees.

The record high is 21.7 set in 1949.

When I looked at this pattern late last week, I didn't think there was much chance we'd be above 15 degrees.

But, the city hit 17.5 on Sunday


Aaaaand...the warm weather will stick around for a few more days.


Edmonton hasn't been THIS warm on the first two days of November since 1978 when we hit 19 and 15 to open the month.

So, it's the warmest start to November in over 40 years for the city.

(BUUUUUT...that stat's a little misleading because there have been other years with warm days in November, just not on the 1st and 2nd.

For example - 2016 had back-to-back 19 degree days within the first week of the month, but not on the first two days of the Nov.)


Temperatures will be in the low to mid teens Tuesday.

We'll slip to the 10 degree range Wednesday and somewhere just shy of 10 on Thursday.

THEN some colder air drops in and daytime highs slide to the -1 to -5 range for Friday and the weekend with a good chance of some snow towards the end of the week.



  • Today - Partly cloudy.  Breezy.
  • Wind:  W 20-30 km/h with occasional gusts to 50
  • High:  18
  • Tonight - A few clouds.
  • 9pm:  10
  • Tuesday - Mostly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  3
  • Afternoon High:  13 
  • Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  4
  • Afternoon High:  11 
  • Thursday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of showers.
  • Morning Low:  3
  • Afternoon High:  8
  • Friday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of flurries.
  • Morning Low:  -5
  • Afternoon High:  -1
  • Saturday - Mostly cloudy.  40% chance of snow.
  • Morning Low:  -8
  • Afternoon High: -3