Warman mayor says graffiti, vandalism at skate park is 'disheartening'

Warman's skate park was closed earlier in the week after it was hit by graffiti and its washroom was vandalized.

"I was very disheartened to see the graffiti in a few different places that happened … and one of the places was the skateboard park," Mayor Gary Philipchuk told CTV News.

Photos posted on social media by city staff also show a sink torn off a wall in a washroom at the skate park.

"We're all in this together as a community and we will not accept this and we just want to be on the lookout as a community to try and have this stopped," Philipchuk said.

He said city workers have removed the graffiti and repaired the washroom. The park is now reopened, he said.

The help wasn't needed in this instance, but Philipchuk said the fact a local company reached out and offered to fix the washroom for free shows how Warman "comes together as a community."

While the graffiti is gone, Philipchuk said he can't help but feel the time spent cleaning up the mess was a waste.

"You're spending a lot of money and effort and time to really get back to just where you were, instead of improving," Philipchuk said.

"It's an unfortunate burden that a lot of times the taxpayers have to pick up and hopefully it ends up being the people that were responsible that end up having to cover that."