Warwick Township clarifying corporation's stance on vaccine status, passports

Jackie Rombouts, Mayor for the Township of Warwick. (Source: @JackieRombouts / Twitter)

The Corporation of the Township of Warwick has released a statement following a controversial statement released by the municipality’s mayor.

In a tweet on Monday, Jackie Rombouts shared that, “after a lot of contemplation and prayers, I have decided that I will not reveal my confidential medical information to anyone except my personal healthcare provider.”

The statement goes on to say that Rombouts refuses the province’s vaccine passport and that she will not visit any business or organization that will not welcome everybody equally.

The corporation says it is aware of the personal statement issued by Rombouts and it stating that the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the corporation or members of Warwick Township Council.

Warwick says it will continue to follow and implement COVID-19 policies and procedures based on recommendations of Lambton Public Health and the provincial government.

My statement concerning the Ontario Covid 19 Vaccine Passports. #StrongAndFree #onpoli #NoMandatoryVaccines pic.twitter.com/gSbgytbZBs

— Jackie Rombouts (@JackieRombouts) September 6, 2021