Wasaga Beach concert series wraps for the summer

As many people mark the unofficial last weekend of summer, a unique community event at one of the area's most popular destinations is also ending for the season.

For the last three weeks, the Stonebridge Town Centre and the Town of Wasaga Beach have teamed up to bring the Back to the Beach Concert Series to the area. The event features live music and provides local artisans and car enthusiasts a venue to interact with the public as well.

"These events would not be a success without an audience," says Kurt Lehmann, one of the event's promoters, who says that participation throughout this year's events has been high. "That the people actually came out and attended these events, and to see that joy and the dancing, you can see the community coming alive again after a long, long lockdown."

The event has been taking place near the Stonebridge Town Centre, who along with the city, has sponsored the event, providing free entertainment to those interested.

One of the main goals has been increasing foot traffic to the area for businesses, with many struggling financially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"You'll note that we do not have a beer garden or food vendors," says Joe Bickerstaff, who has been working on the event. "Why? Because there's local food vendors and patios close by within walking distance. So it was important to bring business back to some of the hard-working businesses locally."

Officials say they are hoping to bring the event back next year. They are hoping for fewer COVID-19 restrictions at that time, which would allow a larger-scale event.