A hydro pole was severed after a truck struck it on Fri., Sept. 27, 2019 in Wasaga Beach causing a massive power outage. (Supplied)

The mayor of Wasaga Beach is thanking first responders for their efforts to restore power after a significant outage on Friday.

"Firefighters went door-to-door, checking on homes, in neighbourhoods where residential electricity meters were damaged due to the surge that occurred," stated Nina Bifolchi on Monday.

The outage affected at least 100 residential electricity meters in the Leo Boulevard, Hometown, Park Place, and Marlwood Avenue areas after a truck struck a hydro pole near the Golf Course Road and Marlwood Avenue intersection.

The collision severed the pole "causing a high voltage line to touch a smaller local transmission line, resulting in a power surge."

Crews worked on scene through the night on Friday to repair the outage.

Deputy Fire Chief Craig Williams showed his gratitude to the frontline hydro workers. "They remained incredibly professional and determined during the entire event. These people are heroes.”