Wasaga Beach's mayor wants the premier to implement stiffer punishments for anyone involved in unsanctioned car rallies after last weekend's event that saw more than 1,000 car enthusiasts crowd into the town.

In the letter to Premier Doug Ford, Mayor Nina Bifolchi describes the rally as a danger to town residents, calling it an "invasion" that displayed "arrogant and selfish behaviour."

"The event disrupted people's enjoyment of their property and put people's safety at risk. This is not acceptable, and it must stop," Bifolchi stated.

On Saturday night, police closed the town to non-residents, turning away those without a local address.

The mayor suggested steps the province could take to prevent similar events from happening, such as increase fines for vehicles with only one licence plate, automatic license suspensions, and municipal authority to close borders to non-residents, plus several more.

"It is only through penalties that cause severe financial hardship that we can deter these unsanctioned and dangerous events from happening in our communities," Bifolchi said.