Waterloo city council has approved building a new five-storey apartment building at a development on Beechwood Drive.

The 32-unit building will go into the central open space of the existing townhouse complex in the area. The first four storeys will have one-bedroom units and the fifth storey will have communal amenity space.

The building will be located at 693 Beechwood Dr. The full site will have a mix of bedroom units, for a combined total of 110 units and 242 bedrooms. Beechwood Cooperative Housing said the new units will be designated as affordable housing.

Council also approved extending its Uptown Sidewalk patio program and Support Our Local Economic Recovery (SOLER) into January 2022. The programs allow temporary outdoor patios throughout the city.

There were 24 SOLER licences and six Uptown licences issued in 2022. 

Patios can stay open until the city needs to start cleaning snow.