Waterloo landmark Sonny's is for sale. Here's the listing price.

A Waterloo landmark has hit the real estate market. 

Sonny's Restaurant on Weber Street was put up for sale earlier this week, listed at $2,995,000

The ad describes it as a "great property and business scenario," saying the "business generates serious profits and pays $72,000/year net rent."

Sonny's has been in operation since 1965.

Paul Noussis, who now owns the burger joint, took it over from the original owners 13 years ago. 

"It’s a great feeling," he said. "It’s nice when you go out and people say: 'Hey, you’re the guy from Sonny's.' It puts a smile on your face, so I’m happy about that." 

Noussis said he’s selling the Weber Street property because he wants to retire and spend more time with his children. 

He hopes the new buyer will keep the restaurant going. 

"The same when I took over from the previous owners, his goal was to sell it to somebody that was going to continue on," said Noussis. "I wouldn’t mind sticking on myself for a little bit and just helping the new owner's transition."

While he's confident this won’t be the end of Sonny's, Noussis said the property will be in the hands of the buyer. 

"I can’t stop them after, it will be up to them what they will do afterwards." 

He's hoping Sonny's legacy will continue, and that its famous onion rings and hamburgers will continue to feed people for many years to come.