'We don’t know what their fate would be': 16 puppies arrive at Waterloo region animal rescue

More than a dozen puppies were dropped off at a St. Jacobs, Ont. animal rescue Wednesday afternoon.

Hobo Haven Rescue said the 16 dogs belonged to commercial breeders who hadn’t been able to sell any of the animals.

“Two separate litters of puppies that were bred by commercial breeders have not sold,” said Chris, founder of Hobo Haven Rescue. “So if we don’t take them in, then we don’t know what their fate would be.”

Chris said this was the largest single intake Hobo Haven has done since opening in 2003.

She said when the pandemic started, many people thought it was a good time to get a pet, but now as life returns to normal, shelters like hers are getting an influx of animals.

“Exponential surrenders have been happening since people are back at work and with financial strain,” Chris said.

Marina Jones, a professional dog mediator, said having the animals constantly change homes, can be a stressful time for them too.

“They have to learn everything about their new home and about their new environment,” Jones said. “Change is a hard sudden environmental contrast.”

Jones said if you’re interested in adopting a pet, it’s important to do your research to figure out what animal best suits your lifestyle, and if you’re lifestyle allows you to care for a four-legged friend.

“This is not, you know, ‘I want this cute puppy because it’s fluffy.’ This is a long haul family member,” Jones said.

To help place these 16 puppies, several other rescues have stepped up. Volunteers from across the province will be taking the pups into foster homes until they find a forever home.

“We know they’re going to a good place and get good homes,” Chris said.