Charmed Playhouses in Lethbridge have designed playhouses for such sports luminaries as Stephen Curry, Jason Day and baseball star Ryan Zimmerman

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in Rapunzel’s tower? How about a fairy cottage or a Viking great hall?

Lethbridge-based company Charmed Playhouses and Resorts is getting ready to open five playhouse cottages in the Crowsnest Pass area.

“A lot of people are super excited about it. The Crowsnest Pass is, I think largely undiscovered and it’s a beautiful area," said Tyson Leavitt, who owns Charmed Playhouses with his wife Audy.

The cottages will be available for people to rent and the goal is to have all five up and running this summer.

Since opening roughly six years ago, the company has sold extravagant playhouses for as much as $500,000 with customers from across North America.

Some of their notable clients include three-time NBA champion Steph Curry, 12-time PGA Tour tournament winner Jason Day, and two-time MLB All-Star Ryan Zimmerman.

“The first time, I was probably a fan boy, like super excited about it. It’s exciting when you get someone that you seen on T.V. or in the public eye contact you,” said Tyson Leavitt.

“But ultimately when you work with these families, you find out, it’s just another family. Just another great family that has found success in something.”

Although building dream playhouses for celebrities and millionaires from around the world is a thrill, the Leavitts said making their playhouses accessible to the everyday Albertan family is super exciting.

“We just want to appeal to families that are regular like our own. This (resort) project makes that possible because people can just stay and enjoy the building and they don’t have to pay to put a whole thing in their backyard," said Audy Leavitt.

Wood and sculpted foam

The playhouses are built from wood and then decked out with sculpted pieces of polystyrene foam.

The foam is then treated to harden the outside surface and provide a waterproof coat that can hold up in any climate.

The proposed resort in the Crowsnest Pass will feature five themed cottages: Rapunzel’s tower, Wendy’s Victorian-style house from Peter Pan, two Viking-inspired builds and a fairy cottage.

“Often we’ll ask on social media what people are into and that gives us a pretty good feel for what our specific audience wants to see," said Audy.

The company currently has 15 employees but the hope is to expand in the coming years.

“We’re just going to work really hard to make this a special place and eventually roll them out throughout North America is our plan," said Tyson.

“We’ll test it right here in our own backyard, and then hopefully the rest of the country and the U.S.A. can enjoy them as well.”