'We're here for the community': Local groups ask Regina residents to keep donating goods in mind while spring cleaning

With spring cleaning season here, the manager of a thrift store in the heart of North Central Regina wants to remind residents to serve their community.

“We’re providing a product to a group of people that maybe need it more, have a lower income or are having some financial issues,” said Dean Cox, the manager of the Log House Thrift Store. “That’s not a reason why they can’t have a nice coat or a nice pair of shoes.”

The Log House runs solely on donations. Cox says without the support of city residents, they wouldn’t be able to run.

“We’re here for the community,” said Cox. “This store wouldn’t exist without the support of other local businesses or the residents of this community.”

Although a thrift store, Cox makes sure all of his merchandise is worthy for the people that need it. Anything that does not make it onto his floor is redistributed to other organizations.

The Indigenous Christian Fellowship (ICF) has close ties to the Log House. The store will often donate money and clothes to ICF to be given to those who most need it.

“They’re making low cost stuff available to people,” said Bert Adema, executive director of Indigenous Christian Fellowship. “There’s legitimate pride in saying, ‘I bought this.’”

Adema feels giving to organizations that help people who are in need is the best way to serve the community.

“I encourage people to donate to non-profits and charities because they do serve the community and make things as low cost as possible,” said Adema.

ICF is also doing their part to contribute – taking in bicycles in need of repair and recycling them to those who are looking for a way to get to work or school.

“For individuals who can’t afford a bike of their own, a free bike is a real blessing,” said Adema. “We provide children with a helmet and a bike lock as well.”

Cox wants people to remember the people who are less fortunate as they clean out their closets this spring.

“We’re just out there helping anybody that we can,” he said.

Cox says to call the Log House if you are interested in donating. ICF is also taking bicycle donations, which can be dropped off at 3131 Dewdney Ave.