A carbon monoxide detector

A Winnipeg woman is sharing her story of how her carbon monoxide detector saved her life over the weekend.

Kimberley Jenken said she didn't have a working detector in her house until this past week.

"Our carbon monoxide detector went on us I think last summer. I didn't think too much of it because we were at the lake most of the summer, so we didn't really need one," said Jenken.

She said at the beginning of January she started changing all the batteries and filters in her house but didn't think about the carbon monoxide detector until she saw a report on CTV News about another woman and her family who got carbon monoxide poisoning because their CO detector wasn't working.

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"So last Monday I went on to Amazon because I have nothing else to do and I thought, 'I am going to get a carbon monoxide detector.' It came on Friday and my husband plugged it in and I didn't think anything of it."

On Sunday morning, Jenken said the detector went off and at first she thought it was defective and not working.

"I looked and it definitely was an alarm," she said.

After learning that the alarm was actually going off, Jenken said she started to notice an effect as she wasn't processing information very well and she was struggling with problem-solving.

"I thought, 'Wow what am I supposed to do'…I had to Google how to call 911."

She said emergency crews showed up and she was taken to hospital where she was treated.

Her husband didn't need to go to the hospital as Jenken said he was outside with the dogs and he wasn't as affected.

The source of the problem was the furnace, Jenken said, and they are getting that fixed.

Without the newly purchased detector, Jenken said she might not be telling this story.

"We would have died."

Jenken has a simple message for anyone who doesn't have a detector or hasn't checked theirs in a while to see if it works.

"If you don’t have (a detector), get one and if you're not sure if your (detector) works, make sure it works, because it is a life saver."

She added that every time she walks by the detector now, she says a little thanks to it for saving her life.