Weather delaying activity at Narcisse Snake Dens

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A popular site for Manitobans around this time of year may be slightly delayed due to the weather.

Typically around Mother’s Day, the Narcisse Snake Dens, located approximately one hour north of Winnipeg, will fill up with thousands of garter snakes emerging from their winter dens.

However, due to the late spring and recent flooding, the area remains in early spring condition, the province said.

“There are large snow drifts over many of the trails and the trail to Den 2 is covered in over a foot of water,” the province posted in an update on May 4. “The trails are soft and not suitable for strollers, wheelchairs, or walkers.

“The Mother’s Day weekend is approaching and the weather looks beautiful however, the snakes will not be out to enjoy it quite yet.”

There are four snake dens at the site, with the reptiles typically emerging around the end of April for mating season.

In previous years, the greatest activity tends to take place around Mother’s Day, the province said.

The snakes return to their dens in early September.