As he watched the U.S. election results trickle in, Western University Political Science Professor Matthew Lebo couldn’t believe what he was seeing, when President Donald Trump came out to give his early morning address.

“The speech that Donald Trump gave at 2 a.m. or so was pretty alarming,“ said Lebo. “You know that's not something that you hear a leader in a democratic party say very often that the election is being stolen from him.”

Lebo goes on to say, “It's a little frightening, you know, if he refuses to accept the election results, he's got millions of supporters and who knows what he might ask them to do or what they might do all on their own.”

He goes on to say the results may not be known for days and even after that they could be tied up in the courts.

Lebo says the voting process in the states in flawed mainly due to the Electoral College system.

“To have a single office elected this way where the person who gets the most votes doesn't win necessarily is really odd, inefficient and just a historical artifact that really can't be fixed because it's in the constitution,” said Lebo. “And Canada has it, Justin Trudeau is prime minister, he didn't, his party didn't, get the most votes last year.”

Lebo is hoping that cooler heads prevail and the divided United States accept the end result no matter what the outcome.