What fans can expect at Garth Brooks' Stadium Tour stop in Edmonton

Country music fans heading to Edmonton to see Garth Brooks’ Stadium Tour on June 25 can expect a “guaranteed good time,” according to the country music legend.

Brooks spoke to CTV News on Thursday and said those who attended his show in Regina back in 2019 will know exactly what he means by that.

“It’s so warm and it’s so real,” Brooks said in an interview with CTV News Thursday. “I didn’t think stadium shows could be, so I’m in love with now the tens of thousands of people singing your stuff back at you, that’s a very wonderful thing to get to see.”

Brooks agreed that Canadians love country music but also went as far as to say he believes Canadians may be the most knowledgeable fans as well.

“[Canadians] also on top of that maybe the most knowledgeable about country music and its history and songs there,” Brooks said.

“There’s not a song you can pull out from any decade that they’re [Canadians] are not going to jump at and start singing every word of it.”

Tickets for the show at Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium are on sale for the general public Friday, May 6 at 10 a.m. for $104.95.