What's up at Rundle Park? City says electrical failure

Electrical failure has Rundle Park looking a little dry. (Courtesy: Cam Wiebe).

The pond at Rundle Park has seen better days. Due to both electrical and mechanical issues, the city says it is having to fill it with water manually.

According to spokesperson Christopher Webster, a pump system electrical failure has prevented the city from using automated features to fill the ponds. He noted that a valve that serves as the manual fill control also broke, which is why the pond looks like it’s going through a bit of a drought.

“We have had no other options available,” Webster stated in an email on Wednesday, explaining the work is being done by manual systems.

However, as of 8 a.m. Wednesday, the valve had been repaired but the city was still waiting on parts for the electrical system itself, Webster told CTV News Edmonton.

He said the city expects the pond to be back in operation “very soon.”