The City of Regina is hoping to get ahead of any confusion caused by a new traffic light.

Have you been stumped by an unusual looking new traffic signal in downtown Regina? The City of Regina is providing some tips to keep driver confusion to a minimum.

The new light, located at Broad Street and 8 Avenue, works like this:


This light is red and applies to both lanes.


This light applies to through lanes.


This light applies to the left turning lane.

“Due to recent sewer work, the median signal was removed and this older traffic standard can’t support extra weight of the needed indicators,” the City said on Twitter. “This signal style provides required movement indicators in one signal head, likely to be upgraded next year.”

Have you seen this unusual looking traffic signal at Broad Street & 8th Avenue? Here is how it works: Top signal is red for both lanes, signals on the right are for the through lanes, signals on the left are for the left turn. #yqrtraffic #yqr

— City of Regina (@CityofRegina) September 9, 2020