What you need to know ahead of fishing season in southern Sask.

The 2022 fishing season opens on Thursday for lakes and rivers south of Prince Albert.

Jason Matity from Getfishing.ca spoke with CTV Morning Live Regina’s Darrell Romuld on Wednesday and said there are a few changes to take note of before the season gets underway.

“You will have to pay more to go fishing, for an annual license,” Matity said. “It [an annual license] went from $37 to $43, but that’s still pretty cheap for a year’s worth of angling and I’m okay with it.”

Matity also said that three and five day licenses are now available in all zones across the province after they were previously only offered in some northern parts of Saskatchewan.

Anglers are also now only allowed to retain one catfish instead of two on certain bodies of water.

For those without a boat, Matity said this time of year is the best to angle from shore.

“Right now the fish are shallow. You can do just as well, sometimes even better from shore than you can from a boat because they’re literally hanging in that one-to-three-foot water range,” Matity said.

Matity said this time of year is also really good to target the invasive carp species.

“They’re available throughout the Qu’Appelle river system, they even occasionally make their way into Wascana Lake and the creek.

Licenses can be purchased at Saskatchewan.ca/fishing.