Wheatley well remediation to continue until end of June

Surface level photo of APEC 3, in Whealtley, Ont. (Courtesy Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

A new deadline has been set for well remediation in Wheatley, pushing the tentative completion back until the end of June, officials say.

During a public meeting on April 9, officials announced a reduction in the evacuation zone and offered a tentative goal of mid-to late May for remediation of Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APEC) within the reduced zone.

Officials said in a news release on Tuesday that while capping has started on the Trait well (APEC 2) near the centre of the municipal parking lot, similar work on APEC 1 and APEC 3 have yet to be finished.

Officials said safety is at the forefront, noting there were two “significant” releases of lower explosive limit gas on April 22 and 23. In both cases officials said the systems, procedures and venting stack worked according to plan.

The municipality has sent notices home to some properties within the evacuation area letting them know of possible structural damage and what steps would be needed for future occupancy.

The municipality will be hosting a virtual meeting Saturday at 10 a.m. to answer residents’ questions. The meeting will be hosted on Chatham-Kent’s Facebook and YouTube channels.