Which Vancouver neighbourhoods have the cheapest rents?

There are still 10 neighborhoods in Vancouver where the average one-bedroom apartment is less than $2,000 a month – a relative bargain as rates continue to climb, according to a recent report.

Data from online rental platform Zumper shows the median rent in the city as $2,275 in May, a year-over-year jump of 17 per cent and the highest rate recorded since the site began tracking data in 2016.

However, a breakdown by area shows prices as high as $2,870 in Quilchena and as low as $1,500 in Hastings-Sunrise this month.

A few neighbourhoods along major transit routes with a relatively high concentration of low-rise apartment buildings like Grandview-Woodland, South Granville, and Marpole all come in under the $2,000 mark at $1,748, $1,750 and $1,950 respectively.

But some neighbourhoods in the southern part of the city, dominated by single-family homes, also came in below the average. In Arbutus it was $1,600, in Victoria-Fraserview it was $1,750, and in Sunset it was $1,914.

On the more expensive end of the spectrum was Mount Pleasant, a historically affordable working-class East Vancouver neighbourhood, which saw median rents of $2,250. In the densely-populated West End, the price was $2,175.

In addition to Quilchena, four other neighbourhoods were more expensive than the city-wide average. A one-bedroom in the city's downtown core runs $2,500, in West Point Grey it's $2,400, in Riley Park-Little Mountain it's $2,360, and in Cambia it's $2,350. 

While these averages show some of what prospective renters can expect, the city's low vacancy rate coupled with high demand means navigating a highly-competitive rental market where finding a place to rent more complicated than just finding a listing online.

Here is the full list: 

Hastings-Sunrise $1,500

Arbutus $1,600

Grandview-Woodland $1,748

Victoria-Fraserview $1,750

South Granville $1,750

Sunset $1,914

Marpole $1,950

Kitsilano $1,963

Strathcona $1,973

Oakridge $1,995

Fairview $2,000

Renfrew-Collingwood $2,000

Dunbar $2,000

Kensington-Cedar Cottage $2,000

Killarney $2,050

Kerrisdale $2,075

West End $2,175

University Endowment Lands $2,218

Mt. Pleasant $2,250

Cambie $2,350

Riley Park - Little Mountain $2,360

West Point Grey $2,400

Downtown Vancouver $2,500

Quilchena $2,870