Who's in the running for the 2022 municipal election in Waterloo Region

Nominations opened Monday for the upcoming municipal election, and several candidates in the Region of Waterloo have already said they won't be running for re-election.

The biggest change will be the City of Waterloo. Mayor Dave Jaworsky announced in February that he would not seek a third term, and at least three Waterloo councillors have also said they won't be on the Oct. 24 ballot.

Below is the full list of mayors and councillors for Waterloo Region and the latest on their election plans, plus more on the nomination process. (Will be updated as new information becomes available.)


Karen Redman - Chair

  • Seeking re-election

Dave Jaworsky – Waterloo Mayor

  • Not seeking re-election

Berry Vrbanovic – Kitchener Mayor

Kathryn McGarry – Cambridge Mayor

  • Seeking re-election

Sue Foxton – Township of North Dumfries

Joe Nowak – Township of Wellesley

Les Armstrong – Township of Wilmot

Sandy Shantz – Township of Woolwich

Regional Councillors for Waterloo

Jim Erb

  • Seeking re-election

Sean Strickland

Regional Councillors for Kitchener

Tom Galloway

Michael Harris

Geoff Lorentz

Elizabeth Clarke

Regional Councillors for Cambridge

Karl Kiefer

  • Not seeking re-election

Helen Jowett


Sandra Hanmer - Ward 1 Councillor

Royce Bodaly - Ward 2 Councillor

Angela Vieth - Ward 3 Councillor

  • Not seeking re-election

Diane Freeman - Ward 4 Councillor

Jen Vasic - Ward 5 Councillor

  • Seeking re-election

Jeff Henry - Ward 6 Councillor

  • Not seeking re-election

Tenille Bonoguore - Ward 7 Councillor

  • Not seeking re-election


Scott Davey - Ward 1 Councillor

Dave Schnider - Ward 2 Councillor

John Gazzola - Ward 3 Councillor

Christine Michaud - Ward 4 Councillor

Kelly Galloway-Sealock - Ward 5 Councillor

  • Not seeking re-election

Paul Singh - Ward 6 Councillor

Bil Ioannidis - Ward 7 Councillor

Margaret Johnston - Ward 8 Councillor

Debbie Chapman - Ward 9 Councillor

  • Seeking reelection

Sarah Marsh - Ward 10 Councillor


Donna Reid – Ward 1 Councillor

Mike Devine – Ward 2 Councillor

Mike Mann – Ward 3 Councillor

Jan Liggett – Ward 4 Councillor

Pam Wolf – Ward 5 Councillor

Shannon Adshade – Ward 6 Councillor

Scott Hamilton – Ward 7 Councillor

Nicholas Ermeta – Ward 8 Councillor


Candidates can submit their nomination papers for the position of mayor, city councillor, township councillor or school board trustee to the clerk's office any time between May 2 and 2 p.m. on August 19.

A final list of candidates will then be posted on the region's website.

In order to vote, residents must be a Canadian citizen, at least 18-years-old, and an owner, tenant or spouse of landowner in Waterloo Region. Post-secondary students residing in Waterloo Region can vote here and in their "home" municipality as long as they intend to return home at the end of their studies.