A die-hard Saskatchewan Roughriders fan is starting to part ways with some pieces of his extensive jersey collection.

The Queen City’s self-proclaimed “jersey-boy” has amassed almost 180 Riders jerseys during his lifetime and 193 total CFL jerseys.

The collection began in 1999, when Greg Urbanoski attended a Riders fundraising event. The Riders were 3-15, struggling to get people out to games.

Urbanoski put a bid on a Ken Moore’s 1989 game-worn Grey Cup jersey. He won it, and was hooked.

“Every time the Riders had a locker room sale I would go down and I would pick up stuff that might appeal to me,” Urbanoski said.

At first, the former Regina Rams board member said he would collect former-Rams turned Riders jerseys. Then the collection began to blossom.

Originally from Moose Jaw, Urbanoski has worked his way around the province, purchasing the threads at estate sales, garage sales, off Facebook and E-Bay.

With no games to show them off at this season, he’s started modelling the gear online, with his Himalayan cat, Zoey.

“With all the stuff the CFL’s been going through, I figured it’s a good way of promoting the league and getting the word out,” Urbanoski said.

He calls this the “Great Canadian Jersey Show,” and he’s on day 171 of showing off a unique jersey.

He has some other teams’ CFL jerseys, but naturally, some are off-limits.

“The only jerseys I won’t wear are Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary,” he said.

However, Urbanoski is parting ways with some of his treasures.

“By posting this, I’m trying to give a chance for people outside of Regina who wouldn’t get a chance, a chance to own a bit of history,” said Urbanoski.

But there's one jersey he can’t ever part with. The original Ken Moore jersey he bought in 1999, which started the obsession.

“I only wear this during the season when the Riders are actually in the Grey Cup,” said Urbanoski, who claims he’s 3-1 while wearing it.

He’s only missed one Labour Day Classic since 1976, but the second will be this weekend.

“I’ll probably be binge-watching Rider games all weekend,” laughs Urbanoski, who has a collection recorded dating back to 2013.