Why some Winnipeg street lights are giving off a purple glow

Some street lights in Winnipeg have taken on a different glow.

Manitoba Hydro said it's working to fix about 30 street lights emitting a purple hue.

A spokesperson said about 97 per cent of the city's street lights have been converted to LED bulbs over the past several years.

They point to a coating on the bulbs which normally helps them give off a white light.

"What happens sometimes is there's a delamination of that and the phosphorous coating fails, and you get a coloured hue cast by the lights, in this case, purple,” said Scott Powell, director of corporate communications with Manitoba Hydro.

According to Hydro, all of the LED street lights installed in the city come with a 10-year warranty.

Hydro said the manufacturer will repair or replace them at no cost.

If you see a purple street light, you can report it to Manitoba Hydro through its website.