Why the City of Winnipeg is considering leasing a space at a local mall

Person holding book from shelf (Pexels)

The City of Winnipeg is considering leasing a space at a local mall to use as a library.

The public service committee is recommending the 14,962-square-foot space, which is in the Garden City Shopping Centre, should become the site of the new West Kildonan Library.

The rent would cost nearly $217,000 each of the first five years, and close to $232,000 each year for the next five years after that. Operating costs are estimated at approximately $180,000.

The city would also be required to provide a one-time contribution of up to $2 million towards leasehold improvements.

City council approval is needed on leases with a term over 10 years or that have a gross value over $2 million

If this space is approved for the library, the real estate branch will take control of the current West Kildonan Library, located on Jefferson Avenue, The property will then be looked at for civic need, but if none is identified, a surplus declaration will be requested.

Back in June 2021, the public service issued an expression of interest (EOI) for proposals from private owners for suitable facilities for a new West Kildonan Library. Two proposals were evaluated after the EOI closed in September, with the space at the Garden City Shopping Centre receiving the higher score.