They are unlikely friends, but their desperate search to find out what happened to Pavel Sijanov has brought Intan Rohi and Nathalie Galin even closer together.

On Nov. 16, 2020, Sijanov drove his Nissan Versa onto the Lions Gate Bridge and left it there, with his wallet and cell phone inside.

Dash cam video shows he climbed over a concrete barrier, but no one is sure what he did next.

“I kept phoning him and told him that ‘I worry about you, please come home,’ and he never came,” said Rohi, his current wife.

Sijanov’s ex-wife Galin joined the exhaustive search through shelters and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside looking for him.

“We do it for our children,” said Galin.

Galin married Sijanov first, and they had a son. He later married Rohi, with whom he had two daughters.

Shortly before his disappearance, Sijanov was diagnosed with depression, and police believe he jumped from the bridge. There are not enough cameras on the bridge to confirm that hypothesis, and without clear answers, Rohi and Galin are still searching.

“I don’t know if he knows that we’re not giving up,” said Rohi.

The pair is urging the government to install suicide barriers, nets and more cameras on the Lions Gate. That plea caught the attention of Vancouver city Coun. Lisa Dominato, who has written to the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on Galin and Rohi’s behalf.

“We’re fighting for that, so that no other families face the realities we have, “ said Galin.

The Ministry said it’s working with emergency and crisis management personnel to help prevent suicide.

“Unfortunately, the Lions Gate Bridge cannot accommodate the additional wind loading from (a) suicide barrier (or) tall safety fencing,” wrote the transportation ministry in a statement.

Sijanov is 43 years old and has blue/grey eyes. He stands 6’1” tall and weighs 180 lbs.