Windsor-Essex offers free addiction outpatient program to help those in need

(Source: Windsor Team Care Centre)

There’s more help available for residents of Windsor and Essex County who are battling addiction – and it’s free to those in need.

Unfortunately, addiction abuse in southwestern Ontario is still a major community problem.

This month, Windsor Team Care Centre began offering a specialized Out-patient Substance Abuse Program.

It’s a holistic approach to recovery that focuses on a client’s personal wellness through self-management and addiction recovery training. The program combines in-person and virtual consultations with counselors, physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

Elizabeth Lalonde is a certified addictions counselor at Windsor Team Care Centre. Lalonde maintains that client-focused personalized care is empowering for the individual.

"We are not a 12-step model. We are a strength-based, smart recovery informed model. And so that's really about teaching them to self-manage themselves, right, so it's a real unique program,” said Lalonde.

Those is need are encouraged to contact the organization about the program at 519-250-5524.

“We’re addressing some real essential skills and tools to teach clients to have a better way of living,” Lalonde added. “It’s really about teaching someone to grow in a healthy way in their life to recover from substance misuse and to live their best life.”

The Windsor Team Care Centre is located at Jackson Park Health Centre at 2475 McDougall St. Suite 150 in Windsor.