Windsor-Essex residents unhappy with local housing situation: report

The 2021 Vital Signs Report is in for Windsor-Essex. (Courtesy Windsor-Essex Community Foundation)

Windsor-Essex residents have graded the current housing situation an ‘F’ citing affordability, housing availability and supporting the homeless population, according to the 2021 Vital Signs report.

As far as Windsor-Essex housing goes, residents believe improvement is needed. According to the report, top priorities including improving the affordability, increasing the availability of housing with different levels of assisted care and providing housing for the homeless.

When asked if housing is affordable, 82 per cent said it needs improvement, 77 believe more shelters to support the homeless are needed and 51 per cent say improvement is needed as far as housing availability with diverse levels of care.

The annual Vital Signs report is published by the WindsorEssex Community Foundation (WECF) in partnership with Community Foundations of Canada. The report looks at different aspects of life in Windsor-Essex including work, health and wellness, belonging and leadership, safety, housing, learning, arts and culture, and getting around.

Overall, residents have ranked the region a ‘C’ for “we’re doing okay, but could be doing better.” Apart from housing, all categories received a C, with residents hoping to see improvements in areas such as employment opportunities, improvement to mental health service access, improving programming for those at-risk, among others.

Overall, 87 per cent of residents say they are happy in life most of the time and 62 per cent of residents said we are on the right track as far as arts and cultural events in Windsor-Essex.

The report aims to understand the needs of the community and inform on the community’s top priorities. It is intended to fuel further conversations and better direct the region’s resources and planning as well as develop programs and services to help meet local needs.