Windsor resident concerned with construction debris left in neighbourhood

A Windsor man is growing frustrated after discovering an abundance of construction debris left scattered in his yard.

Campbell Avenue resident Mark Steven says he’s collected over 10 lbs. of rusty shrapnel from old water pipes being replaced in his neighbourhood and fears someone will get hurt.

“I appreciate what they’re doing, I really do!”

Steven says he fears sharp fragments are being left behind and could become dangerous projectiles if hit by a lawn mower or stepped on. 

“You just can’t leave jagged metal pieces all over the lawn and say we’ll clean it up eventually,” he says.

Steven says the old pipes were left behind for days on his front lawn.

“I’m not a construction guy, but if they just took it out of the ground, and put it on a truck and hauled it away instead of throwing it on the lawns, moving it around, getting jagged metal pieces all over the place. It would probably be a lot better,” he says.

The $2.8 million ENWIN project began last week and will see 280 water services replaced. Work is expected to continue on Campbell Ave. until December 2021.

Steven believes the project is necessary, not complaining that the rehabilitation work is taking place, but say he is worried this issue will persist through the summer.

“If I have to mow this lawn here, we’ve got big hunks of rock and crap that they left behind, what happens if I hit one of those?” he says.

Steven tells CTV News there was little to no warning construction was slated for his neighbourhood, claiming notice letters were issued after barricades had already been installed in late June.

“Half the people on this block park on the street and there’s no parking spots on the street any given night, and now everyone has to scramble to find somewhere to park every night,” he says.

Enwin vice-president of water operations, Gerry Rossi tells CTV News that there have been no formal complaints submitted thus far against any of the work taking place along the 2.8 km long project.

“It’s a little bit of a surprise but again, we understand sometimes it’s easier just to speak to whoever it is on the site,” Rossi says Enwin takes pride in addressing and resolving any issues residents may have, adding individual meetings can be made.

“It’s important that you speak to an ENWIN representative as some of the staff working on the project are working for the contractor and may not be able to address your concerns as thoroughly as we may be able to.”

Steven says he just wants fallen debris to be cleaned before an issue arises.

“I’ve still got to cut this lawn for the next four months until they dig it up and replace it,” he says. “I’ve still got to live here!”