Winnipeg city councillor proposes new signage for under bridges

A city councillor is pitching an idea to help people navigate Winnipeg from the water.

Coun. Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan) wants to see new signage installed under bridges in the city.

“The city looks very different from the water, and just even orienting where you are can become a little confusing," he said.

Browaty said Winnipeg is a river city, and he is proposing the city install signs on the underside of bridges along the Red River and Assiniboine River so people using the river system have a better idea of where they are.

He came up with the idea this summer while boating along the Red River with some friends.

He said he has already spoken with the Chair of the Public Works Committee and believes that he has the support of council.

“I’ve done the architectural boat tour in Chicago, and there they definitely (have signs),” said Browaty.

“Different bridges have different characteristics. In Paris, France, they have signs and they celebrate their bridges, I think we should do the same.”

Browaty said he doesn't think this would be a very large expense, and believes the work could be done at the city’s internal sign shop.

The idea is being put forward at the Public Works Committee meeting this week.