Winnipeg councillor calls for fully vaccinated requirement to enter civic facilities

City councillor Kevin Klein wants to see the city require anyone entering civic facilities to be fully vaccinated – though the city has no plans for a double dose mandate.

Avid reader Marjolaine Brodeur has missed her trips to the library during the pandemic lockdowns.

“I couldn’t have access to kind of get my mind working,” said Brodeur.

To help prevent another shut down, she said library workers and visitors should be mandated to be fully vaccinated.

“You never know who might be carrying the Delta variant or others.”

City Councillor Kevin Klein is calling on the city to make double doses for those eligible a requirement in civic buildings as of Aug. 9.

“What I’m asking for is to truly set the stage and move our economy forward, because we cannot afford to be locked down again,” said Klein.

Klein has sent a letter to city officials requesting all city employees, contracted staff, and visitors be fully vaccinated in order to enter Winnipeg City Hall and all city-operated facilities.

The councillor also said employees who have direct contact with the public should be mandated to have both shots as well.

“Reward those people that have taken the effort, made the effort, taken the time to be double vaccinated to protect all who live in the city and the province,” said Klein.

It appears there is no plan for a fully vaccinated mandate.

In a statement, the city said it is following COVID-19 protocols by requiring mask use and enforcing capacity limits.

“The City is following the provincial public health orders regarding reopening of City facilities, and at this time there are no requirements in the provincial public health orders for staff and/or visitors to City Hall to be fully vaccinated.”

“We can’t have random people making decisions around this pandemic, it’s very important to work closely with our public health officials,” said CUPE President Gord Delbridge.

It is unclear if the city could legally mandate double doses for workers and in city buildings, but Klein pointed out businesses are already forced to check customers immunization status.

“We’re going to require that at the Bomber games, we’re probably going to require that at the Jets games – let’s all get on board.”

Klein said under his plan, people who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons would be exempt.