Winnipeg councillor wants city to look at private dock policy


The city could be looking at changing its policy on private boat docks along the riverbanks.

The existing policy doesn’t allow residents to build permanent docks without city approval, though floating docks are allowed. Additionally, the policy restricts residents from building docks on public property.

“A situation arose in St. Vital where somebody thought they had access all the way down to the river,” Coun. Brian Mayes told CTV News. “But there was actually a sliver of park land between their land and the river. You can’t put your dock in a park.”

Mayes said he received numerous calls and emails both in favour and opposed to the dock’s construction.

“I can see both sides of this,” he said. “We may want to encourage more use of the rivers in summer. On the other hand, no one wants to wake up and find out there's a boat launch next to them because their neighbour put out a dock that has public access."

Mayes wants the city to report on the current policy and find out how other cities manage private docks.

The motion goes before the Committee on Water and Waste, Riverbank Management, and the Environment next week.