Winnipeg dog rescue sending supplies to evacuated Manitoba communities to feed animals left behind

Dog food that is being sent to northern Manitoba by Save a Dog to feed dogs left behind during evacuations. July 20, 2021. (Source: Save a Dog Network Canada)

As residents in northern Manitoba are being evacuated due to wildfires in the area, a Winnipeg-based animal welfare and rescue organization is raising concerns about dogs that are being left behind.

Save a Dog Network Canada said many pets and strays have been left behind due to difficult circumstances related to the fires.

"These are loving owners that care about their animals," said Katie Powell, the president and founder of Save a Dog.

"I don't think anyone is even thinking about how to round up a couple hundred 60 pound strays and owned dogs."

She said the main priority is getting the people in the community safe.

"There's enough people that are going to stay in the community, both community members and the RCMP, that are more than willing to take care of these animals."

To help the people who had to leave their animals behind, Save a Dog is holding a dog food drive.

"We thought we would send some dog food up to help the RCMP feed the animals while some of the families are out as well as help feed the strays."

So far, the organization has already been able to collect over 1,000 pounds of food.

Powell said they had food on standby and have also received donations to get more food.

"If everybody pitches in a little bit, we're able to support these communities."

Powell hopes the first round of food will be sent Tuesday night.

If people want to donate, they can do so through the organization's social media platforms or drop off food at the Pet Valu in Charleswood and Tuxedo.