Winnipeg Pride Week goes virtual for 34th year

Marchers celebrate Winnipeg Pride week in parade (File Image)

Thirty-four years in, Winnipeg’s Pride Week went virtual this year with 10 days of online celebrations.

Things kicked off on September 3 with the raising of the Pride flag and will continue through Sunday with a virtual parade.

“We’ve had a great turnout, positive feedback,” said Barry Karlenzig, president of Pride Winnipeg. “This year with our Pride Winnipeg app, we’ve actually created a few contests in there as well so it’s been a good first couple of days.”

Each night features two hours of live-streamed performances by a variety of Manitoba artists, 26 in total. These can be watched on YouTube.

One of the highlights of Pride Week is the parade and it is going ahead in a virtual format. Organizers are accepting video entries until September 10, and those will be spliced together in a parade-like montage to be streamed at noon on Sunday.

Besides going virtual, another big change for Pride this year is the use of acronyms used to describe everyone in the community equally. Coming from one that is currently 27 letters long, Pride Winnipeg has switched to GSRD, meaning gender, sexual, and relationship diverse people.

“We know that acronym doesn’t fit everyone and that acronym will expand over time. In Winnipeg as an example, it started with GSRD. The original was GSD. We added in relationship diverse,” said Karlenzig.

Some money collected through the Pride app will go to the Resurgent Fund, which helps support smaller events throughout the year.