Winnipeg reaches agreement with company that cut down trees on Roblin Boulevard

Several trees were trimmed and cut down to make way for a house being moved on Saturday. (Source: CTV News/Zach Kitchen)

The City of Winnipeg confirmed on Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with the moving company responsible for chopping down a number of trees on Roblin Boulevard during the move of a large house.

The move took place in August 2021. At the time, CTV News Winnipeg reported that the moving company took it upon itself to cut down city-owned trees that were blocking the route of the house being moved out of the city.

The company also crashed the house into an overhead sign at the Wilkes overpass.

In August, a man associated with the move was arrested and charged with mischief over $5,000.

Now, the City of Winnipeg said it has reached an agreement with the company for restitution for damages and expenses, including clean-up costs/stump grinding, the value of the damaged healthy trees, damaged traffic signs, and expenses for department emergency responses. The city noted it is not considering any other action against the moving company.

Police previously told CTV News Winnipeg that the moving company had obtained a permit for the oversized structure. However, police added, the operator didn’t confirm the accessibility of the route, which is required under the permit.

Winnipeg said planting of replacement trees is expected to take place in the spring.

- With files from CTV’s Katherine Dow, Mike Arsenault and Mason DePatie.