Sawa also shared some thoughts about Winnipeg's weather in Instagram posts. (Source: Instagram/Devon Sawa).

WINNIPEG -- A Canadian actor who shared a gripe about the River City while shooting in Winnipeg has taken to social media to clarify, saying it’s only the intersection closed to pedestrians that he hates.

On Sunday, once 90s heartthrob and current TV and film actor Devon Sawa shared some thoughts about Winnipeg to Instagram, namely a complaint about not being able to walk across Portage and Main, which has been closed to pedestrians since the late 70s.

After CTVNewsWinnipeg.ca wrote about his comments, Sawa shared screengrabs of the headline from Twitter, with the captions, “Jesus. I just wanted to cross the street,” and, “If they fix this intersection, I demand one of the streets be renamed Sawa Boulevard.”

He also shared a video describing what he loves about the rest of Winnipeg.

“In fact, I found the best damn roast beef sandwich, at The Forks, which is a phenomenal place.”

Sawa described Winnipeg as amazing, saying he’s enjoyed walking around the city.

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A post shared by Devon Sawa (@d.sawa) on Sep 30, 2019 at 3:00pm PDT

“It’s Canada, it’s my home,” he said, noting that although the rain this week has sucked, he’s from Vancouver.

“Winnipeg’s dope. But, I gotta be honest, that intersection is stupid.”

Proponents of reopening the intersection to pedestrians had their hopes dashed in the last civic election, when a majority of voters opted to keep it closed in a non-binding plebiscite question.

Dear Winnipeg: just cause I hate that intersection doesn’t mean I don’t have love for the rest of you! Tell them, @RWBallet!!!

— devon sawa (@DevonESawa) September 30, 2019